Friday, December 21, 2012

The books. Oh, wow. The books.

Included in the many boxes of Letha's collection was an impressive selection of books. I add them here for those who may be interested in what she had as well as for other researchers to offer up lookups in them. I have attached links to these books on several websites like the Library of Congress, (find the book in a library, hopefully, near you!), and Google Books. If there are digital versions of the book, I will note that as well. I have so many that in order to keep this manageable, this is the list of books just based on Family Histories.

Family Books 

The Bowyers of Old Virginia 1607- 1979 Maryetta Frances Bowyer, 1979 (Library of CongressWorldCatGoogle Books, signed by the Author) - I also have a printed index for this book by Mata Bowyer Stevenson

Leaves and Branches from Bowyer Roots- A Supplement to 'The Bowyers of Old Virginia 1607-1979' Maryetta Frances Bowyer, 1986 (WorldCatGoogle Books, signed by the Author) - I also have a printed index for this book by Mata Bowyer Stevenson

The Claypoole Family in America  - Volumes I (1986), II (1988), III (1973), V (1982) compiled by Evelyn Claypool Bracken (Volume III is listed in the Library of CongressVolume I and Volume III are available to read online at, WorldCat has Volume IIVolume III, and possibly Volume IV)

Gwinn Family Reunion Program 32nd Annual 1983, 33rd Annual 1984, 34th Annual 1985 (These are very interesting, and thick, programs with a schedule of events, family information, photos, memorials, and advertisements... it reminds me a lot of the sports programs available at high school football games, very cool little books!)

Three Hull Brothers Eugene F. Hall, 1986 (ISBN 0-87012-480-3, Library of CongressWorldCatGoogle Books)

Kincaid-Claypool Descendants - Mountain Tom Kincaid's Second Family of Central West Virginia and 34 Other States William Harold Kincaid, 1991 ("ISBN Application Pending," Library of CongressWorldCatGoogle Books, this copy is signed "To Letha Thanks so much for your help! Bill Kincaid")

History of the Descendants of John Koontz Lowell L. Koontz, 1979 (ISBN 0-87012-338-6, Library of CongressWorldCatGoogle Books)

Legg Family History compiled by Nawasa Wheatly (This is a very nicely done self-published compilation of the descendants of Hazel William Legg and his wife Matilda Caroline Crookshanks, with some general Legg family history as well. I can only assume from a note in Letha's writing attached to the front page the name of the author, it is not clear on the printing date, but there are entries dated up to the end of 1992)

Billy Hance: The Wit and Wisdom of William Hance Ramsey compiled by Richard L. McGraw, 1992 (Library of CongressWorldCat)

Shucks, Fleshmans, Sydenstrickers & Other Families Larry G. Shuck, 1986 (Library of Congress,, Google Books

Our Families - Shuck, Sydenstricker, Smith, Lewis, Kincaid, Keister, et. al., of West Virginia Larry G. Shuck, 1995 (Library of Congress, WorldCat)

Royalty Among Us - The History of the Skaggs, Foster and Allied Families of the Western Frontier Shirley Greene Ulaki, 2000 (**This is a self-published book from my own collection, not Letha's, but it may tie in at some point due to location** Shirley Greene Ulaki's website)

The Spade Family Tree, The Spade Family Photo Album, The Spade Family Tree and Photos compiled by Davida R. Farley, 2010 (This is another self-published family genealogy that is from my collection, once again, may tie in somewhere due the locales of these families.)

Thomas Family History J. Montgomery Seaver, 1929 American Historical - Genealogical Society (original copyright, this is a 1972 reprint, Library of Congress, WorldCat)

If you are interested in any more information regarding these books, please contact me. I will gladly do lookups (as time permits), scan pages and email them, etc.  Happy Holidays and Happy Ancestor Hunting in 2013!