Welcome to the Legacy!  

I am so very pleased that you have found us. This blog is my gift to a woman whose passion has only given more fuel to my own fires in wanting to know about those who have come before. She researched, wrote letters, shared her discoveries...and I unfortunately never got the chance to witness it myself. BUT. What I can tell you is that her hard work and efforts will not go quietly into the night. 

This blog is dedicated to Letha Thomas Osborne, and the many families she brought together through her research. This is my attempt to share her research, coupled with my own to provide citations and evidence where I can. 

The only thing really missing are the stories. 

The photos are truly amazing, and I am blessed to have been given access to many originals, copies and digital versions, which I share on this blog. 

But without the stories... well, dates and vitals are only so interesting.  

That's where I hope YOU can help me in sharing Letha's Legacy. Share with me the stories. These people deserve to have their tales told! To come back to life for the younger generations who will never "know" these folks, their kin, their ancestors.

 Are you connected to these families? These locations? Have something to add? Did I fudge the info somewhere (my apologies, if so!)? Post a comment. Send me an email. CONTACT ME! I am more than happy to share, let's work together to add to the Legacy She Left Behind!

♥ Jodi

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