Monday, June 25, 2012

Photos of Mary Ellen Callison Thomas

I am blessed with some wonderful photos of Ellen. She looks like someone who experienced a lot in her 80 years, I just wish I could ask her all about it. I especially love the photo with her smiling, and the one with her fancy coat and hat, but with the apron still peeking out underneath. 

The family of Joseph Andrew Thomas and Mary Ellen Callison circa 1906. Joe Andy's mother, Sarah Amanda Lucas Thomas on  the far right. Children, left-right: Joseph Berton, Lester Robert, James Elzie, Earl Gilmer.
Ellen with an unidentified child - anyone know?

Joe Andy and Mary Ellen Callison Thomas, before 1938.
Close-up of "Granny Thomas" and 3 grandchildren: James Russell Thomas, Glenna Thomas (the baby - my grandmother), and Letha Thomas, compiler of the Legacy. Photo taken at the Thomas farm in Danese, WV.

Doesn't everyone have a photo of their Granny with chickens?
The back says "Taken when lived on Claremont Mtn."

Same photo as above, full view.

Ellen with grandchildren, unidentified on this photo - anyone know?

Ellen in the center, the little boy on the right side of the photo is a  grandson, Gene Stickler.
All dressed up for an outing? Note that she's  still sporting her apron.  

Love this photo and her smile! The woman on the right is a friend, Mrs. Kate Helmick

Kate Helmick, Ellen, Gene Stickler, Sonny Helmick, and Lowell Thomas. Gene and Lowell are both grandchildren of Ellen and Joe Andy's.

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