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... includes mentions of a Thomas Family Bible.

As mentioned in my last post, Letha's research refers to dates from a Bible. I do not currently know who has it, but I do have copies, some places are hard to read, of its family pages. I believe the Bible belonged to a son of Archelaus and Rachel Walker Baber Thomas, Edward Gilmer Thomas and his wife Sarah A Lucas Thomas. Below are the pages and my transcription of them, questionable areas in parentheses, my notes in purple.

Page 1
Edward G Thomas was Borned The 10th of April 1826
Sarah A Thomas was Borned January The 28th 1833
William Elexander Thomas Was borned December The 5th 1852
Elizabeth Margaret Thomas Was borned June The 22nd 1854
James Franklin Thomas Was borned March The (9)th 1856
Rachel Jane Thomas was Borned June The 20th 1858
Sarah Amanda Thomas was Borned November the 24th 1860
(The name Mary appears to have been written but is crossed out...)
Edward Daniel Thomas was Bond May the 11th (unreadable year)
Jophes (should be Joseph?) Andrew Thomas was (...) February the 19th 1866

Page 2
Martha (Allie?) Thomas was Bornd the 11 day of May the 1868
Addam henry Thomas was was Bornde the 14 day of September 1870
lucy Ellen Thomas was Bonde the 7 day of February the 1873
Mary emer Thomas was Born June the 3 the 1877
Rachel Thomas was born February 13th 1789 Died in March the 19 1882
Archey Thomas Was Born in 17(?)9 (1799 or 1789?) Died November 24 the 1875
Betsy Lucas was Born 
(The bottom 3 individuals are the parents of Edward and Sarah Lucas Thomas)
Page 3
Edward G. Thomas Died The 8th day of November 1898
Sarah A. Thomas Died April 30th 1908
William A. Thomas Died January 30th 1934
James F. Thomas Died November 1924
Rachel Jane Thomas Martin Died February 8th 1934
Jo A. Thomas Died Dec 6 1938
Martha Alice Died Nov 1935
Henry Thomas Died February 13th, 192(?) (1926)
Sarah Manda March 1, 1939
Page 4
E G Thomas Consirt of Sarah A Lucus february the 19 the 1852
J W Rolston Consirt of Lizzie M Thomas Sept the 16 the 1875
William A Thomas Consirt of Emerline V Pucket October the 10 the 1878
L R Martin Consirt of Raichel J Thomas January the 14 the 1880
Consirt of James H Thomas Manrvia C Woolwine July the (?) 1888 (Minerva, 8 Jul 1883)
(unreadable) of Edward Sanfort and Sarah M Thomas January the 20th 1886
Edward D Thomas Consirt of Eliza E Sims January (unreadable) 1895 (3 Jan 1895)
C(unreadable) Crotty married E(unreadable) Thomas (unreadable) 14th 1901 (Charles Wallace Crotty and Mary Emma Thomas, 14 Aug 1901)

Edward and Sarah are living in the Lexington Post Office area of Rockbridge County, Virginia in the 1860 census, so we can assume the children born through 1860 were born in Rockbridge County. In 1870 they are living in Walkers Creek, Rockbridge, Virginia, still within the Lexington Post Office district. By the 1880 census they have moved to Meadow Bluff, Greenbrier, West Virginia. 

Does anyone out there know who has this Bible currently? I'd love to get photos of it or even just fresh copies of these pages. I have photos of Edward and Sarah that I will post soon.

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