Monday, May 21, 2012

... is overwhelming, but exciting!

I've joined the blogosphere... and I'm intimidated, scared, excited, and hopeful.

I have been given a great honor by my extended family, many who really don't know me from anyone, and I hope that I can do well by them in the task given to me. My Great Aunt, sister to my paternal grandmother, was quite the avid family historian. She researched her family for years, entirely without the aid of technology like the internet, and emails. I wish I had known her. I have so many questions. I hope that she would have picked me as the recipient of this great gift. I'm not sure if anyone else has interest in this project, but here we go.
The Legacy...

Unfortunately, since the boxes found their way to me (in Kentucky, by way of Ohio, from Florida - I know, right?) nearly 2 years ago, I'm already off to a bang-up job. I've been pondering off and on where to start. How to start. Hoping the boxes of binders, books, pictures, files, newspaper clippings, letters, etc would speak to me. Do I scan all of her hard work page by page (oh my God, the task would take years) and just pass USB sticks (how big would they have to be?) to anyone in the family with even a mild interest? Do I start a mobile museum for anyone who wants to come peruse it? Ha. I've had family members say that they want to "see it," to which I send them the above photo. What else am I supposed to do? Do I attempt to continue and perfect her research into a book that can possibly be published for anyone interested? Maybe. I haven't ruled that one out, especially with the aid of the internet, I'm sure there is even more information out there to be had, and new generations to add. By the way, its a good thing (and likely why I was chosen) I came into this a bit of a genealogy-obsessed person anyhow, so much of her hard work wouldn't make much sense to just anyone looking it over.

So, here goes. My intent with this blog is to document my way through The Legacy She Left Behind in hopes that someone with an interest in some or all of these family lines finds it and can share in the Legacy with me. 


Gini said...

You do have your work cut out for you and my heart goes out to you too!

We are blessed and there is a reason, like you said, it came to you . . . you get it.

I am not sure where I would start either . . . maybe with one line at a time, enter your info into what data software your using. I will be thinking of you and looking forward to hearing of your progress.

Jodi Roessler said...

Thank you so much for your kind words Gini! I am excited, and you're right, one line at a time. Thank you for following my journey!

Karen said...

What a great project you are starting! You are lucky to have so much information even though it will take a lot of painstaking work to go through it. I'm eager to see how things go for you. Good luck!