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... starts with the Thomas Family.

While I don't know how Letha organized her binders and books and folders in her home (they came to me from storage packed in boxes), I figure she probably started her research with her own surname. Thomas. So, that's where I'll start in my journey through what She Left Behind.

The Thomas binder begins with the furthest back Letha seems to have gone (at least in this binder), with the family group sheet of Archelaus "Archey" Thomas. All information listed here is from her work, and I will add any notes she has as to where she received this information. Also, I will add any information on the families that are being discussed from my own research

Family Group Sheet for Archelaus Thomas from Letha's Thomas Family binder.

Archelaus Thomas "Archey", born 1794 (also lists "Bible 17_9"). He is listed as marrying Rachel A Walker Baber on 25 Jan 1820 in Albemarle County, VA (she notes that his named was spelled Archilles). Archey's death is listed here as 24 Nov 1875, possibly in VA. He resided in Rockbridge Co, VA in 1850, and was a Laborer. 

Rachel A Walker Baber was born 13 Feb 1797 ("Bible 1789") in VA and she died on 19 Mar 1882 in Greenbrier County, WV, buried at the Ben McClung Cemetery (also known as the (John) Jones Farm Cemetery) in Rupert, WV - side note that I visited this cemetery in 2007 and 2011, it is EXTREMELY overgrown, having been fenced in by family members, Letha orchestrating the efforts, trying to protect the cemetery as it is in the middle of a cow pasture. Many of the stones are knocked down and it is downright scary to be in there (snakes, etc). Massive effort will need to be undertaken to get this cemetery under control again, as well as setting up regular maintenance... a post for another day perhaps. - 

Can you spot the Cemetery?

Their children are listed by Letha as follows: 

  • Kemp Thomas (b 1822 VA) married to Caroline Montgomery (7 children - written on back: Elizabeth Ann b 1849/50, Estaline, Addie, Mary, Leona, George, and Adam)
  • John Walker Thomas (b 30 Jan 1827 VA d 17 Jan 1892) married to Nancy Miller
  • Edward Gilmer Thomas (b 10 Apr 1826 VA d 8 Nov 1898 Greenbrier County, WV buried at Ben McClung Cemetery, Rupert, WV) married to Sarah Amanda Lucas 19 Feb 1852
  • Martin Thomas (b 1834 Albemarle County, VA) married to Fannie Coppins 29 Nov 1863 in Rockbridge County, VA (there is also a Mary F. McAlpin listed in the margin here, possbile second wife?) children listed: Samuel, Maggie, Sallie, and Mollie
  • Joseph Thomas (b 1829 in Albemarle County, VA d 21 Jul 1853 "age 24, Bilious Fever" Rockbridge, VA) "never married"
  • Arch M. Thomas Jr. (b 1836 VA)
  • Ann Thomas (b 1828 VA) "never married"
  • Melvina Mildred Thomas (b 1827 VA) married to John Little, child: Rachel A. b 1845
So, if listed in birth order, the 8 known children of Archelaus (Sr) and Rachel A Walker Baber Thomas are: 
Kemp (1822), Edward (Apr 1826), John (Jan 1827), Melvina (1827), Ann (1828), Joseph (1829), Martin (1834), and Arch Jr (1836).

In the upper left-hand corner of the FGS Letha used is a section "This Information Obtained From:" to which she wrote the following: "From Mary Jane Thomas Fitzgerald's Old Diary - Shared by her dau. Susie Fitzgerald, Oak Hill, WV - 1850 Rockbridge County, VA Census" Dated 1 Oct 1984. - I wish Letha's address book had been included... -

I do know, from other researchers, that there is evidence to be had that Archelaus' father was a David Thomas, which I will detail in another post, for now I'll stick to Letha's books.

I have been given copies, of (what appear to be copies of copies, pretty hard to read in spots) the Bible pages Letha referred to, I am unsure as to who the last known holder of the Bible was. See the Bible post.

If you know anyone related to these families, please send them my way! My intent is to share it all here, so if you have anything to add, please contact me! Also, if you know of any groups (boy scouts, maybe?) who would be interested in helping to clean up the Ben McClung Cemetery, I'd LOVE to hear from you!

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