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... starts with the Thomas Family - Edward G Thomas.

Edward G Thomas and wife Sarah A Lucas 
Page 3 of the Thomas Family binder is the FGS of Edward Gilmer Thomas, son of Archelaus and Rachel A Walker Baber. Edward was born 10 Apr 1826 and died on 8 Nov 1898 aged 72 years (link to the death registry record). He married Sarah Amanda Lucas on 19 Feb 1852. Sarah was born 28 Jan 1833 and died on 30 Apr 1909. Letha has no father listed for her, her mother is listed simply as "Betty" (see the Bible post for the source of birth, death, marriage and Sarah's mother's name). Their graves are in the Ben McClung Cemtery in Rupert, WV, I took the photos below on a trip there in July 2011. I have not come across the death record or certificate for Sarah. I have provided links where possible in my attempts to make this research as complete as possible. Letha notes her sources on this page as "Mary McNamee's scrapbook; Family Records; and Stones at Cemetery"

Children of Edward G and Sarah A Lucas Thomas:
  1. William Alexander, b 5 Dec 1852 d 30 Jan 1934 age 82, married Emma Puckett 10 Oct 1878, Letha notes they had 5 children. According to his death certificate, he was married to an Ida Smith at the time of his death, he is buried at Upton Cemetery
  2. Elizabeth "Lizzy" Margaret, b 22 June 1854 d 8 Feb 1934 age 80, married J W Ralston 16 Sep 1875, 1 son J H "Henry" Ralston.
  3. James Franklin, b 9 Mar 1856 d 30 Dec 1934 age 78 (or Nov 1924 written in pencil), married Minerva Catherine "Kate" Woolwine 8 Jul 1883, burial for James Franklin Thomas simply says Dillwyn, VA. 11 or more children.  
  4. Rachel Jane "Jennie", b 20 Jun 1858 d 8 Feb 1937 age 76 (or 8 Feb 1934 in pencil), married L A "Russ" Martin 14 Jan 1880, they had no children, lived in Alderson and adopted a daughter named Georgia Barr. 1934 is correct, here is her death cetificate, burial simply listed as Alderson.
  5. Sarah Amanda "Mandy", b 24 Nov 1860 d 1 Mar 1939 age 79, buried at Little Sewell Church Cemetery, Rainelle, Greenbrier, WV, married to Edward Preston Sanford 20 Jan 1886. One child: Marrie. Death Certificate indicates Sewell Valley Cemetery as place of burial. 
  6. Edward Daniel "Ed", b 11 May 1863 d 4 Sep 1957 age 94, burial listed as Sims Cemetery on Loops Rd, Fayette County, WV, married to Eliza Sims on 3 Jan 1895, 2 daughters Mary and Nellie. Death Certificate 
  7. Joseph Andrew "Joe Andy", b 19 Feb 1866 d 6 Dec 1938 age 72 at Danese, WV, married to Mary Ellen Callison on 5 Mar 1900 at Greenbrier County, WV. The marriage record here indicates March 7th.  Both are buried together at Ben McClung Cemetery in Rupert. 7 children, 1 died as a baby. Joseph's death certificate can be viewed here
  8. Martha Alice, b 11 May 1868 d Nov 1935 age 67, never married. I have not come across any death certificate for her yet.
  9. Adam Henry, b 14 Sep 1870 d 13 Feb 1926, married to Ida Hinkle Had 6 children lists Haven (died age 32), Rubena, and Carrie. Adam's death certificate is here, he is buried at Oak Hill. 
  10. Lucy Ellen, b 7 Feb 1873 d 17 Jul 1963, married Rev. Abraham Michael Frantz on 9 May 1939 at the age of 66, no children.
  11. May Emma, b 3 Jun 1877 in Rupert, WV d 30 Mar 1953 age 76, married to Charles Wallace Crotty on 14 Aug 1901 (strangely enough by the same Rev A M Frantz who would marry her sister Lucy in 1939). 
  12. Angeline, b in VA d before 1877 at age 14... 
There is a note from Letha that "6 other children died?"... and that Edward and Sarah "Lived at Woodbridge, Goshen, Rockbridge Co., VA. Came to Greenbrier Co, W.Va Apr 1877." 

Does anyone know anything about Edward and Sarah and their children? Anything to add to the bare bones I've posted here? What were these people like? I'll leave you with the only other photos I have of Ed and Sarah.
This is Joe Andy Thomas and his family, I believe the older woman to be Sarah A Lucas Thomas, and based on the baby's age, this photo was done around 1906 (baby James Elzie Thomas b Sep 1905).
Anyone know who owns this today? The photo appears to have been printed in 1970, but could it be a reprint?


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